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IATA Training


Regional Training Partner

?Enjoy all the benefits of a centrally-located Training Center in the very heart of Europe. We offer an extensive behind-the-scenes view of one of the most fascinating and technologically advanced airport hubs in the world.

Fraport, owner and operator of Frankfurt Airport offers industry-leading classroom courses and diploma programs delivered by IATA instructors with IATA course material.

Fraport provides aviation-related training to personnel serving airports, airlines, ground service providers and also to those who are interested in developing a career within the aviation industry.?

Practical information?

Getting here

Unless otherwise indicated, courses are?held at Fraport’s Headquarters (building 178), located?near Gate 3 (Tor 3) - a 7 minute walk (550m) from Terminal 1.

Fraport AG Headquarters
Building 178, Gate 3
60547, Frankfurt Airport
See map

Tel: +49 (0) 173 6780 441

Tel: +49 (0) 174 3175 299

IATA’s renowned expertise as a provider of global aviation training solutions?perfectly matches?Fraport’s superior learning environment that allows for a considerably better understanding of operational processes and related interfaces simply through a live observation of station-handling practices at Frankfurt Airport.





Fraport has teamed up with two partner hotels near the airport as well as with another one located in Central Frankfurt, next to the city’s main railway station. They all offer highly attractive rates with fast and convenient access to the course venue and to all major attractions worth visiting in this vibrant metropolis:

Please ask for the 'Fraport rate' when making your reservation. This rate?is?only available?for bookings made not later than two weeks before the?course start date.


Onsite facilities??

Fraport’s state-of-the-art and fully equipped training facilities (incl. WiFi) caters to classes ranging from 12 up to 20 persons. At lunchtime training course attendees may use an on-site self-service cafeteria or Fraport’s staff restaurants to give themselves a boost for the rest of the day.




Leisure ?

Why not extend your stay in Frankfurt (also known as “Mainhattan'') and indulge yourself in the many attractions this vibrant metropolis and its beautiful surroundings have to offer?

Fraport has compiled a comprehensive brochure which gives you plenty of hints and tips to make your stay as easy and enjoyable as possible. It is regularly updated in order to include the latest information available.

For seminars which are delivered at Fraport’s Headquarters, please download this version of the information brochure.
For seminars which are delivered at Fraport’s Training Center, please download this version of the information brochure.
An indication as to where your specific seminar is going to take place will be provided by IATA with the official invitation.

For?more information please also feel free to consult the Frankfurt Tourism website.


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Fraport Ground Services Becomes IATA Regional Training Partner.